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Business coaching…not something that I knew much about and not something that I had previously thought I would benefit from.

The principles of  work that I had applied when this had provided me “pocket money” would suffice  when allowing this to support me full time. I soon realised however that this wasn’t  the case and so I turned to a business coach to help me develop and grow my  business and the skills required to do so. Having been made redundant I had turned my side gig into my full time job. I am  working within a multi level marketing business and had thought that the principles of  work that I had applied when this had provided me “pocket money” would suffice  when allowing this to support me full time. I soon realised however that this wasn’t  the case and so I turned to a business coach to help me develop and grow my  business and the skills required to do so.

Whilst I knew some areas that required work, I was not aware of the reasons why my  thought processes were not serving me in these areas. Kajal was able to help me  see how some of my emotional feelings were not benefitting my business and in fact  were hindering me from moving forwards.

We had started our sessions with a strategy in plan as to what we would focus  on….goals, mindset, actions, results. I would bring my frustrations and worries to  the meetings and together we would look at what drove those feelings, what steps  could be taken to eliminate then and what action was required to push past them. 

We looked at limiting beliefs and who I gave my power to. Kajal showed me that it  was not healthy to my business to continually please other people – that I needed to  put myself first, to reserve my energy for those who wanted it. We discussed the  “smart goals” that I had set for myself and Kajal helped me see that I needed to have  a plan as to how I was going to achieve this. Having been a “fly by the seat of your  pants” kind of girl, planning was something very alien to me but Kajal showed me  that in order to achieve my goal of promotion I would need to lay some foundations  stones in place. 

Together, Kajal and I explored how I interacted with my team and how best I could  work with them. Leadership is not something that comes naturally to me and my  expectations of others were high. Kajal taught me to rein in my expectations, to give  help to whose who wanted it, to learn to let go of those who didn’t want it. We  practised role plays on how to speak with my team and she showed me a different  way of approaching them. 

Since embarking on Kajal’s course I have found a new way of working my  business. Whilst still passionate about what I do, whilst still leading from the gut,  whilst still approaching it with my open heart I do so with a plan of action. I do so  without the burden of guilt if I have not been able to inspire others to follow in my  footsteps – my road may not be their road and that is ok. 

I have come to realise through time spent on Kajal’s course that business is not just  business. It is an extension of you – your hopes, your fears, your beliefs, your  passion and that your upbringing, your emotional relationships, your home life all  bring to bear in the way that you conduct your business. Kajal has shown me how  my limiting negative beliefs in life can stem my business. The “business course”  ultimately became a “ life course”. I have learnt so much more about myself than I  expected. I have found a way to not just be joyful about all the positive, great things that my business brings but how to also find a positive from a negative, how I can  learn from each mistake – be better next time. Kajal has allowed me to continue to  feel all the emotions that I do, whether happy, sad, frustrated, overwhelming, excited,  scared but to allow them to serve my business in a positive, thriving manner. 

I am looking forward to see what 2021 brings. I have a structured plan in place to  build my business. I feel more confident about interacting with my team. I carry  around less feelings of guilt about what I didn’t/have yet to achieve, knowing that I  have learnt lessons from the failures. I have set aside time during my day for what is  important to me – exercise, personal development, family and I know that it is ok to  say no to people if it doesn’t benefit me. I don’t have to be that people pleaser  anymore. 

“Don’t let anyone take away your peace” was Kajal’s final piece of advice to  me. What Kajal didn’t realise when saying this was she was the one who brought  the peace to my life in a way that I could never have imagined a business course  would. 

I could not recommend Kajal’s course more and it gives me great pleasure to know  that through her workshops, website and social media platforms I can continue  learning from her. 

Lara Cowan

I attended Kajal’s workshop on the Importance of mindset and Goal setting last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Kajal has explained to us really well why it is important to have a growth mindset and how to overcome a fixed mindset. She has also shown us how to develop a growth mindset. She also explained the role of goal setting in our personal and professional life. I would definitely recommend Kajal she is a great coach and she is very experienced and knowledgeable.

Kadambari Avlani

I really enjoyed Kajal’s workshop on Mindset and Goal-setting. The mixture of practical information and personal / group experience meant that I left with some clear takeaways for improving my own mindset as well as having gained practical insight into my client work. Thank you!

Sam Pope

Kajal’s workshop was enlightening! It was well presented and I learnt a lot about how I can change my mindset to better achieve my goals.

I am excited to attend future workshops and book my discovery call.

Jessica K

Before getting a coach, I lacked the confidence to begin projects and start advertising my work. I’ve been keen to start my own sewing business but did not have any structure in place to support myself. Kajal Kumar has helped me to make a plan of what I wanted my businesses to look like initially and supported with logistics, such as creating a price sheet and getting my workspace clear. She has also coached me to recognise my strengths and weaknesses. In particular, coaching has helped me with networking and getting the message out about my business. Kajal and I have been on a journey to help me prioritise and ensure that my goals don’t remain dreams. I feel more confident in myself now that I have had this help as I honestly did not know where to start. Kajal is great at keeping me honest about the work and is understanding when other factors of life get in the way. I’m proud of how much sewing I’ve done the past few weeks and the techniques I’ve used in the pieces–it’s been great to have an encouraging coach.

Dipti Patel