When goal setting gets too big

We all have those big goals, don’t we? It might be a 6-figure income, to write a book, buy that house or create an online income stream that means you can work less. Those are the top-level goals and they are completely possible, but what if your goal feels too big and you can’t see a way to make it happen? What happens then?

What if you never have enough time?

How many times have you told yourself that you don’t have enough time? Your to-do list grows longer, you work more and more hours and you still don’t have time to fit it all in. So, how can you expect to reach your goals when you don’t have the time?

Is imposter syndrome a problem for business owners?

Imposter syndrome is defined as the internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others perceive you to be. Sufferers can feel severe inadequacy and self-doubt, fearing that they will be exposed as a fraud. It can affect anyone regardless of their success and can have a huge negative impact on people’s mindset.

Are the stories you’re telling yourself holding you back?

Do you ever listen to the stories you tell yourself or notice the ones people around you tell you?
‘Business should be hard work?’
‘You can’t do it.’

5 tips to get through valentine’s day in the middle of a pandemic

Valentine’s Day is here again! 
What a year we’ve had. 
We’ve been hit hard with this virus, restrictions, and several lockdowns! 

5 surprising things that might be holding you back (and how to deal with them)

As business owners we want success (otherwise, why would we ever start), but there are things we are doing that are actually holding us back. 

What to do when your to-do list isn’t getting done?

How many times have you decided that a list is the answer? How many to-do lists do you have? Does yours get longer every day? Is it filled with things that never get done?

What if returning to ‘normal’ after lockdown doesn’t feel possible?

Restrictions are lifting here in the UK and things are returning to ‘normal’, but is normal now anyway, and what if you don’t feel ready to get back to normal?